Kirkland, WA Cat Rescue – Urgent Need

MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA is currently overrun and in urgent need of donations and adoptive families! Click on their link to help out! Continue Reading

New No-Kill Shelters Added To The List

No-Kill Shelter additions for Connecticut and Ohio: No-Kill Shelters in Connecticut Cat Ladies Society Rescue & Adoption No-Kill Shelters in Ohio Forgotten Angels Sanctuary Continue Reading


Here is a post which was written to the rec.pets.cats.misc newsgroup by Kathi McDermott. It is re-printed here with permisission. "I live in the Atlanta area. In the past two years, I have provided foster care to over 60 cats and kittens. I cannot tell you how much pleasure it has given me! My first fosters were 3 feral kittens (what a way to be Continue Reading

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