No-Kill Animal Shelter Additions

Tweet New listings today: Colorado Denkai Animal Sanctuary K-9 Bed & Biscuit Illinois Save-A-Pet Adoption Center Maine Houlton Humane Society West Virginia Marion County Humane Society

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New Listing In Illinois

Tweet Today’s addition is the Red Door Animal Shelter . It was added to the Illinois No-Kill Animal Shelter listings. Welcome to Fluffy Net, and thank you for all your hard work!

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Pet Updates to Fluffy Net

Tweet Today brings an addition to the Ohio No-Kill Shelters list, welcome One More Chance & Rescue. And an addition to the pet events section, Rescue Dog-O-Rama – brought to you by One More Chance & Rescue in Ohio.

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Three Things You Can Do To Help Animals Today

Tweet Now is the time on Fluffy Net where we share a little link love.  Here is a great post by This falls under the No More Homeless Pets category, and I believe the ideas are fundamental to animal lovers.

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Five New No Kill Animal Shelters Added

Tweet Five no kill animal shelter sites added to the list today! They are: Briggs Animal Adoption Center in West Virginia Cat Adoption Team in Oregon Fayetteville Animal Protection Society in North Carolina The Haven in North Carolina Little Victories Animal Rescue Group in West Virginia

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Tweet Approximately 9.6 million animals are put to death each year, according to the American Humane Association. And that is just in the U.S. Please make spaying/neutering your pet a priority. And please give serious thought to adopting a homeless animal instead of purchasing one from a breeder. Good, loving, deserving pets are killed each […]

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Tweet Here is a post which was written to the rec.pets.cats.misc newsgroup by Kathi McDermott. It is re-printed here with permisission. “I live in the Atlanta area. In the past two years, I have provided foster care to over 60 cats and kittens. I cannot tell you how much pleasure it has given me! My […]

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