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  1. Linda REeves says:

    I need to have someone help me trap a female ferrell cat and her two female kittens, Mother is a young one mave 1-2 years old. Kittens are about 2 months.
    I am highly allergic to cats and having them even in my garage makes breathing difficult. The female is a black and grey tabby, One female kitten is white with the beginning markings of grey strips on legs and tips of ears. The other kitten is black and grey like her mother. They are really cute but the must go or they wil have to be put down PLEASE HELP ME HELP them

  2. lynn kelly says:

    My husband and I found a tabby cat when she was 4 weeks old and have had her sense then, she is about 3 years old now. We are homeless and have a chance to get into transition housing while we wait on his disability to start (case pending), and we can’t have any animals in the transition housing. My husband has COPD, and can’t walk or ride a bike long distances and we lost our vehicle. We have been told that if we find a foster home for her we could get in.

    I am asking if you could help me find our pretty cat a foster home. We would like her to stay in the City of Denton so that we could visit with her. I am not sure how long the organization will pay for us, but, it will only be about a year at most.

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