• Dog and other Animal Welfare Group (D.A.W.G.)
    135 County Road 464
    Englewood, TN 37329
    Phone: 423-887-7195


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  1. We desperately need help finding a home for a beautifully marked Japanese bob-tailed, neutered cat. My son-in-law is being PCS’d, by the Army, into Hawaii. They limit the amount of animals going into that State, by any individual. She has 4 cats and a dog. This has not been a problem on any base, up to this point. This cat was born with a disability, which seems to be the main issue in finding someone to take him. He has four legs, but one paw never correctly formed. This has not been an issue for him, because it is the only thing he has ever known. He gets around as good, if not better than the average cat, just stronger in the front half of his body. Can you please help us with this situation????? 419-366-8015

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