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  1. peggy hatcher says:

    I live in Bellefontaine,Oh I rescued 3 kittens aprox 2 months old, I have been trying to find a home for them for 3 to 4 weeks to no advail the shelder here will not take them. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to keep them, I can get them to Columbus, but I do not want them killed. One is solid black, one is B/W and the other is tiger. Can you please help me?

  2. Thank you Sherry , for this site . No one really wants to address the cat colonies out there and the cost to maintain them . I happen to be the neighborhood’s ” Lady who is Crazy for Cats ” , I have helped 4 cat colonies for the past 13 years . It is fery taxing …not only for my purse , the neighboors who let their cats out once they become adults , the large amount of stray/ feral large dogs and the raccoons . Thus far my landlord has been tolerant of my passion . But my old neighbors let the 2 females out last spring , without care . So insted of caring for 2 cats , now I have 8 , then someone left ( I saw her ) a box of 3 kittens on my back porch . Is there a way for a no- kill pet shelter to help me , if not to far and on a bus route I would gladly volunteer my services to help pay for their helping ” my colony ” and the cat/kittens they are already helping . I just can’t afford this anymore …none of the cats have been outdoors ( but once ) since they were kittens …so not to sure how they’d react to it . And again way to many stray dogs ( hungry and mean ) .

  3. Hi Michelle– Thanks! It seems there is a lot of need to discuss things like this, so I set up a forum on Fluffy Net. Maybe we can get some discussions going and work on solving these problems! The new forum is here: http://fluffynet.com/forum/fluffy-net-forums/

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