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  1. Andria Irvine says:

    A wonderful No Kill shelter that we have here in Falmouth , Massachusetts is People For Cats.
    My children and I have visited the cats there for years. I have adopted a cat and volunteered because I believe so strongly in this organization and all they do.
    They have a trap, spay/neuter and release program for the feral cats in our community. They foster and adopt out kittens and cats of all ages.
    They care for abandoned and homeless cats. This non profit organization will go out and feed feral communities. People For Cats has a hotline for people to call about lost, homeless or feral cats and other reasons.
    They have built a new facility from the ground up for the cats.
    They educate people and care for the cats of Falmouth.
    People For Cats 508-540-5654, (

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