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  1. I started helping a lady in my neighborhood with two dogs that was looking very bony. The smallest one was tied to a tree with two towels, barely no extra space to walk. The bigger had just had a litter. She was very bony. I bought both collars with a long chain. I’ve been taking 50lbs of dog food almost every two week. The thing that is concerning me now is that she has the litter of puppies inside her house which is 9 of them and about 4 kittens. She talks about selling them but haven’t yet. The house have such a stinch that I never can see all them. I really want them to get better homes. Is there any no kill shelter in my area that will get them. They havent never seen a vet and is flea infested. They are still puppies. I think they may be about 3months

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