“What is Fluffy Net?”

Fluffy Net is a web site all about pets, with an emphasis on providing resource information on no-kill shelters, news and low cost spay/neuter options. Fluffy Net also designs and hosts web pages for pets.

“Who is behind the scenes at Fluffy Net?”

There is me, whom some of you already know as Sherry, and my sister, Donna. Donna is the one who came up with the idea for Fluffy Net and I am the one who administrates it.

“How do I get my pet on Fluffy Net?”

Just send me a few of pics of your pet (limit of 3) and a bio and your pet will be a Fluffy Net pet!

“How long will my pet’s web page stay up on the Web?”

For as long as Fluffy Net exists! Or until you decide you don’t want it there anymore.

“Can I make changes to my pet’s Personality Page in the future?”

Yes. As time goes on you may want to change 1 or 2 things on your pet’s Personality Page or perhaps put up different pictures. Simply send an e-mail to me with the changes.

“Do I have to put my e-mail address on my pet’s Personality Page?”

No, that is strictly up to you.

“May I put links to other Web Pages on my pet’s Personality Page?”

Yes, as long as they are not grossly offensive. Fluffy Net is a family-oriented Web Site. The links also may not go to web sites for breeders, as I believe that would go against fluffy Net’s philosphy of reducing the homeless pet population.


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